Monday, May 4, 2009

The Secret

Read Paul's secret to success in life, Philippians 4:11-13. Paul wrote Philippians while sitting in jail, yet he could say I'm content in all circumstances, because Christ strengthens me. Our entire society seems to be discontented. In fact, it feels like we are all becoming drama queens. Every little thing becomes major. Do you see that with your children as well? Yet Paul had this inner peace. He knew because Christ lived in him that even if the worst thing happened he would be okay, due to Christ power. Pretty convicting!! I would encourage you to read all of Philippians. Philippians is often called the Epistles of Joy. Paul repeatedly say his joy is not based on circumstances, but on Christ. Here are some questions to consider and please share if you are comfortable:

1. Is my contentment based on my circumstances or my relationship with Christ?

2. What or whom steals my contentment the most?

3. How can I start living in Christ strength instead of my own?

4. If the worst thing happens in my life that I can imagine, will God still be on his throne
and in control?

5. How can I daily rejoice in the Lord always?

One of the things in studying these verses that truly stood out to me was Paul said he had learned to be content in all circumstances. So, Paul didn't come by it automatically he grew to learn to be content. So, we may not get there over night, but we can daily work on being content in all circumstances, because Christ is our power and strength. Please share your thoughts on these verses.