Friday, February 5, 2010

Be Quiet Before Me

I am learning a very difficult lesson. God is teaching me in my devotion times with Him to be quiet before Him! That is extremely hard for me. It is hard for me to quiet my mind. Hard to stop sharing prayer requests. Hard to listen to God. Once I wrote in an article I think the scripture for today is "Be harried and know that I am God." Actually read Psalm 46. Verse 10 says Be still and know that I am God. When we are truly still before God we can be at peace. If you read all of Psalm 46 you see the power of God. Verse 6 says he (God) utters his voice, the earth melts. God is all powerful and I am not. Trusting in Him and his purposes is a lesson I have to learn over and over. I'm definitely a remedial learner in this area.

So, how do we be still and be quiet before God? One suggestion is praying in the Holy Spirit. Asking that any distractions be taken away. That your mind only focus on the things of God. Praising God before you start gets us in the right mindset.

Second, we have to learn to be comfortable with quiet. We live in a very noisy world. Since, we have children we often live in very noisy houses. Quiet can sometimes be scary. When are children are "too" quiet often we know there is trouble. Yet, being quiet before God is a precious, holy quiet. We can hear His voice much better when we quiet our hearts, minds, and mouths.

Here are some questions for you to consider and please share:

1. Are you able to be quiet before God? If not, what is the biggest obstacle?

2. In reading Psalm 46 what stood out most to you?

3. Can you share examples from scripture of when people were quiet before God? My first thought is Jesus getting alone to pray to His heavenly Father. What other examples?

4. Here is a hard question. How can we teach our children to be quiet before God?

5. What is one thing you could change or implement in your own devotional time in order to learn to be quiet before Him?

Maybe I'm the only one who needs to hear Be Quiet, but somehow I doubt it. There is power in the quiet and there is enormous strength in being quiet before God. I really look forward to hearing what you have to say. Please share your thoughts.