Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lesson 5 - Are You Putting On New Clothes Each Day?

Are you putting on new clothes each day? No, I didn’t just give your permission to go shopping ever day for new clothes. We wish!!! Are you putting on your new clothes of righteousness as a new creature in Christ?

Read with me Ephesians 4:20-32.

Paul talks in these earlier verses of putting on our new selves in Christ. Have you worked really hard in the yard or exercised and you are really sweaty? You can’t wait to get a shower and get some clean clothes on.

Our old life is like that before we meet Christ. We have sin and darkness. When we become a Christian we are new in Christ and we put on Christ righteousness every day. The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit is in us and we are to be intentional to live out Christ righteousness.

So, how are we intentional about wearing our new clothing and not leaving it in the back of the closet?

We have to choose to obey the Holy Spirit that is within us and allow
Christ to direct our lives.

When we wake up in the morning we can yield our day and our will
to God’s leading.

Are you thoughts of how God would have you handle a situation
or are they the world’s view?

Are you dying to self and seeking God’s will for every part of your life
or do you want your will.

When we look at the rest of the verses in this chapter Paul list even more examples of how we should live as new creatures in Christ.

Read through verses 25-33 and list all the characteristics of new
creatures in Christ.

What on that list is personally the hardest for you to do?

Who in your life right now to you need to be kind and compassionate
to even though you don’t feel like it?

What can you do each day to put on your new clothes? What reminder
can you give yourself?

Are you reading God’s instruction manual, the Bible, to see how God’s
wisdom for every area of our lives?

In reading these scriptures, what spoke most to you?

As always, if you feel comfortable, please share your answers to the questions or any other comments you may have.


Jennifer said...

I wanted to add my comment after reading your question, "Are you dying to self and seeking God’s will for every part of your life
or do you want your will."

I am feeling challenged in this area, because I keep hearing the Holy Spirit asking me to die to myself. How do I allow the world to see my vulnerability/nakedness without feeling shame?

I just transferred to a new department at work and I just cringe to think that I have to die to myself there since there is so much selfishness, calleousness, and arrogance.

For some reason the people I work with keep saying that I am too nice and that I will change after I work there for a few more months. How do I put on my armour and not use it in the flesh with these people?

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Jennifer,

You asked some good questions and points. I'm not sure we have to let the world see our vulnerabilities. I do think we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and direct our speech with others. That being said, I think there is difference between being nice and setting appropriate boundaries. We don't let people walk over us or let them think we have to do their job for them. Setting appropriate boundaries is something that Jesus did. There is a great book called Boundaries written by 2 Christian psychologists. They show how Jesus set limits in the Bible. Also, I think it would be a great witness if you stay "nice" and they ask you how you did it. In Christ alone, not by my will. What a testimony that would be. Jennifer I wouldn't be surprised if God doesn't have you right where he wants you, so you can be a light in a dark place. I know that can certainly be hard. Keep us updated.